Hypertension is silent killer for your companion pet , It caused variety disease .

  • High blood pressure by itself does not have any symptoms,known as the "silent killer." It causes wear and tear on the heart and kidneys. It can cause small blood vessels to leak and rupture, which can lead to blindness if it occurs in the eye, and to a stroke if it occurs in the brain.
  • Blood pressure measurement is important in our pets. As many as one-in-four Americans suffers from high blood pressure and most may not even know it. Hypertension, aptly named the silent killer causes heart attacks, strokes and kidney disease.
  • The number one cause of hypertension in pets is one form or other of kidney disease. The normal kidney plays a critical role in controlling blood pressure. A diseased kidney can no longer perform well as a blood pressure regulator. 
  • Untreated hypertension causes serious problems in pets: strokes, heart enlargement and damage to the eye causing blindness. Controlling hypertension decreases the risk of these disorders.

Disease care of BP measurement.

Hypotension is highly related to fatal diseases for dog and cats. It is very important to measure their BP in order to find out those disease in early stage. BP measurement during the treatment provide better drug control and better medication. To measure pet BP every time , when pet come to veterinary hospital or veterinary clinical.

pettrust” Innovation feature.

  • understand the BP measurement are importance and like “pettrust”
  • selection correct cuff must use “smart ruler” of “pettrust”
  • no cutting hair and noise. Cutting hair make your companion pet more nervous and uncomfortable. The realizable BP value come form less emotion and comfortable condition.
  • real-time measure, show the realizable result. It’s called “Accuracy Enhancer System”, Deflating model with High speed 
  • computing system and show accuracy measurement. One touch stat to measurement. Veterinary nursing and helpers are like “pettrust”, too.
  • easy Monitoring vital sight, NIBP One pressure to start measurement BP, Selection cycle time model for operation using, selection STAT model for 5min counting measurement. Long-life battery , power code and recording function are design to be Diagnostic Monitor not only BP meter!

Veterinarian 1st choose “pettrust”

Animal Blood Pressure Monitor, ”pettrust”
  • one Press to start measurement
  • accuracy Enhancer System for precise and accurate measurement
  • 5 min continues measurement mode(STAT mode) for Medication room
  • large Li-Battery: more than 800 times
  • PC connection for saving as csv file, printing, and also real-time graphing

Comparison table