Why to buy Pettrust?


Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor “Pettrust”

Pettrust is able to start measurement by one-push and result will be displayed to clear LED. The LED makes fine-visual from any angles and places. Its portable size can make to be brought to a medication room, surgical room, and any places you want to use. Also, an operating power is by Libattery. It reduces frequent charge from low-battery situation.

Pettrust Features - Accuracy Enhancer System

Accuracy Enhancer System is the function that can remove or cancel the noise by animal’s movement or some other reasons during measurement. If pettrust has received the noise which affect to the measurement, the next measurement will start automatically.
1. Only trustful result will show on LED, so you don’t need to check the graph every time like other devices.
2. it doesn’t need to push the start button. It automatically starts next measurement if the data is not trustful.
3. The noise will be automatically cancelled or removed, it bring much higher success measurement


Pettrust Features - The Best Features at Medication Room 

Pressing the analyze button for 3 seconds, it turns to STAT Mode. STAT Mode is the function to continue the measurement for 5 mim. This function helps the guidelines for blood pressure measurement by ACVIM, it is need to get average after 3-5 or 5-7 measurements.
It is able to follow the latest result during the stat mode. The latest data every time shows on LED.
*Reference ACVIM Consensus Statement,”Guidelines for the Identification, Evaluation, and Management of Systemic Hypertension in Dogs and Cats”

Pettrust Features - The Best Feature at Surgical Room 

Pettrust is providing cycle time function for monitoring blood pressure during the surgery. The cycle is able to be selected from
1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 30, 60, 90, 120 mim It is very easy to operate by pressing cycle time button on the top. If each results (SYS,DIA,MAP, BPM) is under or higher than set-up value, an alarm will beep and tells the situation. the values are able to change from setting mode.

Pettrust Features - Data Management 

PC Software Features
Calculate the average up to 10 tests
add the patient data and memo
Save as Excel or JPG files 
Print function
Graphing function to analyze the accuracy needed to connect to PC during the measurement